Neural Mechanisms of LEARNING  

The Grienberger lab 

Department of Biology and Volen National Center for Complex Systems

Brandeis University

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The brain’s ability to learn is critical for executing tasks that allow us to thrive in a complex, ever-changing environment. We combine experimental work and computational methods to understand the synaptic, cellular, and circuit-level computations that allow the brain to produce these complex adaptive behaviors. Our focus is the entorhinal-hippocampal circuit and its downstream projection targets, a network of brain areas known to be essential for spatial learning and memory.

We use various techniques, including two-photon Ca2+ imaging, whole-cell patch-clamp recordings, and optogenetic perturbation of neuronal activity, to investigate the single-cell and population activity in various brain regions of mice actively engaged in a spatial memory task. Our goal is to investigate the fundamental principles underlying learning in the intact and diseased brain. 

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