Christine Grienberger

Assistant Professor | Department of Biology

Christine is a Medical Doctor by training and holds a Ph.D. from the Technical University Munich, Germany. Prior to joining Brandeis, she was a postdoctoral fellow in Jeff Magee's lab at Janelia Farm Research Campus and Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. 

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Aanchal Bhatia

Swartz Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow


NCBS Bangalore

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Mohamed Adel

Postdoctoral Associate (starting 6/1/23)


Brandeis University

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Mike Vivian

Graduate Student

B.S. Neuroscience

University of Alabama at Birmingham

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Lisandro Martin

Graduate Student

B.S. Neuroscience


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Natalie MacKinnon-Booth

Research Technician 

B.S. Neuroscience 

University of Pittsburgh

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Tiffany Wong

Research Technician 

B.S. Neuroscience 

U Mass Amherst

starting 6/18/2023

Ruixue Gao

Brandeis Master's student

B.S. Biological Sciences

Tsinghua University

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Gabriel Haithcock

Brandeis Undergraduate

James Jiang

Brandeis Undergraduate

Adam  Tercatin

Brandeis Undergraduate

Lab alumni

Zachary Fournier (Brandeis Undergraduate, 2022 - 2023)